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Thermometer Probe Cover
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Thermometer Probe Cover
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Thermometer Probe Cover / Thermometer Oral Sheath

Probe Cover prevent thermometers from transferring harmful pathogens that can contaminate areas needed to be kept sterile and keep sickness from spreading. The Digital Oral Sheaths is an sound, economical choice to keep your digital thermometer properly covered while taking body temperature readings. This barrier sheath keeps body fluids away from the surface of the thermometer while allowing accurate temperature readings. The Tidi brand Digital Oral Sheaths is a good choice for all three types of body temperature target reading areas: oral, rectal, or axillary (armpit).

The Digital Oral Sheaths are made of durable plastic coating. The function is simple and one can simply slip these sheaths over a digital thermometer and throw them away when done. They come in a box of 100 individual sheaths or a case of 1000.

Digital Oral Sheaths Features and Benefits

The sheaths are easy to apply and dispose.
They prevent cross-contamination.
They are made of durable, yet flexible plastic.
The work for all three types of body temperature readings: oral, rectal, and axillary.
They are affordable.